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Introduction :
  •  Date of Registration : 15 October to 31 December 2013
  •  Expected date of First Course : November or December 2013
  •  Each course required to be completed within 6 months
  •  Expected date to complete certification : by 31 December 2014



 Programme module includes :
Clinical attachment to accredited haemodialysis centres in Ministry of Health or Ministry of Education facilities
  •  Weekend dialysis workshop (theories)
  •   Exit assessment



 Priority :
 1. RMP from existing haemodialysis centres/units without trained Person in Charge (PIC) as required by Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 [Act 586]
 2. RMP planned to be named as PIC for private haemodialysis centre/unit that have been granted by Ministry of Health (CKAPS) with -
  •  an approval for zoning; or
  •  an approval for establishment (Borang 2)
 3. Applications made through private haemodialysis centre/unit to MSN



 Rules and regulations :
 1. Details of premise(s) should be submitted together with the application form
Each application to be endorsed by CKAPS (in writing or email) prior to acceptance into the programme
 3. Registration fee is NOT refundable
 4. Training should be completed before 31 December 2014
 5. Each candidate is required to take the exit assessment upon completion of the clinical attachment
 6. Successful candidate is required to be the PIC of the named private haemodialysis centre/unit, at least for 2 years



 Application & Submission :
    CLICK HERE to download the Application Form
   Submission to the secretariat via fax : 03-4022 6882 or email : msn@msn.org.my



 For any inquiry, may contact :
   Malaysian Society of Nephrology (MSN) : 03-4022 5882; or
   Private Medical Practice Control Section (CKAPS) : 03-8883 1363 / 8881 0900
   "Apply Now"
   "Grab this golden opportunity to be trained in haemodialysis"


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